Which watches does a watchmaker collect? (say that 5 times;)

I’ve been a full-time watchmaker in Vancouver for the last 3 years. I’ve worked on countless watches and learned a great deal. I often get asked by people, as a watchmaker, what watches do I collect and why. For my first blog posting thread, I thought I’d go in depth and show you what watches I own.  I plan on posting a look at the 10 watches (functioning) in my collection and share them with you. I want to talk about how I chose them and why they’re important to me. So stay tuned and enjoy!

Latest posts

Watch #8 – My Vulcain Chronograph

Some watches you just gotta have while others grow on you. Some you regret buying and others you could never afford. Some watches don’t make an impact but others define you. But can a watch take you hostage? That’s exactly what this Vulcain Chronograph did to me.

Watch #7- My Omega Cosmic

This 1969 Omega Cosmic is the watch I wore when I got married two summers ago. Now, being a watchmaker, the choice of which watch to wear for such an important day comes with an added pressure. It’s gotta be technically advanced and socially interesting. It has to have some of my own DNA inContinue reading “Watch #7- My Omega Cosmic”


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